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Welcome to Caelen Weber Photography.

Though based in York, I specialise in wedding photography in all regions of the UK and abroad, creating photographs that candidly and intimately capture the precious moments of your day.
Most commonly spotted shooting weddings, which I love, I am also passionate about other genres of photography as well, such as fine art, products, environmental portraiture, landscapes, headshots and more. Photography is my passion, expression and art. Please feel free to get in touch no matter what your photographic need may be. It would be a pleasure to get to know you!


A vexed mom. A dented Canon AE-1. A two year old boy named Caelen Weber. Yeah, that's me.

Though off to a rough start, which postponed my pursuit of photography until I had developed more advanced motor skills and left nappies behind, I knew I would handle a camera again.

Starting at a young age with that same dented Canon of my infantile youth, I soon began saving my bi-weekly allowance to pay for my film to be developed and prints materialized. For the next few years I always scraped together just enough to get it done. I then, phased out of traditional dark room techniques by rising costs and fees, moved to digital when I was 14, and fulfilled my ultimate desire of a digital SLR 3 years later in the form of a Nikon D70, returning to SLR lenses and the bliss that comes with them.
Caelen Weber

During my mid teens I attended the community college in my birthplace of Prescott, Arizona for Black and White traditional Fine Art photography, and also studied Digital Photography and Photoshop Techniques and Design extensively.

With shooting a multitude of weddings over the past 7 years, I continue to thoroughly enjoy the inspiring and exacting nature of photography, be it with weddings or otherwise, as I seize moments and memories in a candid, journalistic and unobtrusive method. I always come away from both meeting clients and shooting them on their amazing wedding day blessed and excited to have been able to be a part of such an amazing event and work in such a field. I am an artist who loves to capture, learn, experiment and play. Oh...and humour also plays a little role. *wink wink*

Some amusing tidbits about me:
• I love Jesus!
• Married the love of my life at 19 and now have two awesome daughters!
• I've been to the Grand Canyon in the USA more times than I can count.
• The street I grew up on was called Corn Squeezing Lane.
• Yes, I had a raging mullet as a kid. Raging.
• I moved to the UK at 17 after a mission trip to an AIDS orphanage in Uganda.
• Usually there is more espresso running through my veins than blood.
• We have 3 happy chickens in our garden.
• I love to surf, even when it's snowing.
• Absolutely love to find cool vintage goodies at car boot sales.
• I started and manage our church's coffee shop in York, Gatehouse Coffee.
• I sneak Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough icecream when I'm working late...or pretty much anytime. :)
• Totally adore a good fountain pen.

If you have any questions please shoot me an email...I look forward to hearing from you.


So far I have two separate portfolio catagories to choose from, with more in the works. Go on and have a click on a gallery below to view a selection of some of my favourites. I hope you enjoy them! :)




A Simple Wedding Package:
£995 includes:
- Pre-Wedding consultation to discuss ideas, agreement etc. (Can be combined with Engagement shoot)
- A 1 hour Engagement photoshoot. (Conditions apply)
- Full Wedding Day coverage. From getting ready to after the first dance! (or up to 10 hours!)
- All photos hand retouched/processed.
- Hi-resolution photos are all included on a USB Flashdrive which includes rights for printing!
- Website galleries for all photos. (Photos added to galleries as they are processed)
- Includes travel up to 50 miles on the day. (Other expenses may apply)
- £200 deposit required to secure the date.
- If your wedding requires something even simpler, or these prices are not in your budget, this package is somewhat flexible and negotiations can certainly be made.

Simple Extras:
- Gorgeous KISS Wedding books/albums are available in 8x8, 10x10 or 12x12. Beautifully Leather or Linen bound and fully handmade with a lifetime guarantee. See 'Kiss Books' above for more info.
- I also have budget album's in the works for 2014.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact me!
For pricing on assignments other than weddings, do get in touch, I'd love to hear about it. Thank you!


Alrighty, this gallery is still under the knife at the moment, but should be done shortly. In the meantime please click those teeny little icons at the bottom of the page, the Facebook and Flickr ones. Those will take you to places that have some recent photos of mine. :)


Let your memories live in the lap of luxury for generations with the exquisitely hand crafted, bespoke wedding albums lovingly made by KISS Wedding Books.

Perfection married to elegant simplicity, KISS Books offers 1 product, in 2 styles, with 3 sizes and 7 colours. Could a KISS get any sweeter?

For pricing on our fabulous KISS Books, please get in touch. We can even meet up and admire the leather loveliness of KISS over a latte! :)


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• York Maze - A great, spacious and fun wedding venue just outside York surrounded by lovely countryside.
• Licc Ice Cream - Amazing handmade icecream in York with over 150 flavours! A wonderful treat for your wedding!
• Phil Thwaite - A recognised York musician that adds that special musical touch to your ceremony and/or reception.
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