A vexed mom. A dented Canon AE-1. A two year old boy named Caelen Weber.
Yeah, that's me.

Though off to a rough start, which postponed my pursuit of photography until I had left nappies behind, I knew I would handle a camera again.

Photography captured me early on, with me as a kid saving my weekly allowance to pay for film to be developed and prints materialized. I shot both film and digital for quite a few years, but now work mainly with digital, though film always holds a special place in my heart.

During my mid teens I attended the community college in my birthplace of Prescott, Arizona for Black & White traditional Fine Art photography, and also studied Digital Photography and Photoshop Techniques and Design extensively.

With shooting a multitude of weddings and other assignments over the past 14 years, I continue to thoroughly enjoy the inspiring and exacting nature of photography, be it with weddings or otherwise, as I seize moments and memories in a candid, journalistic and unobtrusive method.

I always come away from both meeting clients, and photographing their projects, blessed and excited to have been able to be a part of such an amazing endeavour and work in such a field. 

When not behind a camera I am most often running our church coffee shop in York's city wall, serving at our church campus, crafting leather or spending time with my amazing wife and our wonderful kids.

Some info for ya...

• I love Jesus!
• Married the love of my life at 19 and now have four awesome kids!
• I've been to the Grand Canyon in the USA more times than I can count.

• The street I grew up on was called Corn Squeezing Lane.
• Yes, I had a raging mullet as a kid. Raging.
• I moved to the UK at 17 after a mission trip to an AIDS orphanage in Uganda.

• Usually there is more coffee running through my veins than blood.
• I love to surf, even when it's snowing.
• Absolutely love to find cool vintage goodies at car boot sales.

• I started our church's coffee shop in York, Gatehouse Coffee, with a friend in 2007. I still manage it today.
• Totally adore a good fountain pen.

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